oversubscribed o‧ver‧sub‧scribed [ˌəʊvəsəbˈskraɪbd◂ ǁ ˌoʊvər-] adjective FINANCE
an oversubscribed Securities Issue has people asking for more shares etc than are available. If this happens, each buyer receives fewer shares than they asked for, or there is a ballot to decide who will receive them:

• The bonds were oversubscribed, and there will be no unsold balance remaining, the underwriter said.

— oversubscription noun [uncountable] :

• Analysts expect them to receive only about 2.5% of the shares they ordered because of massive oversubscription.

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   When an issuing house receives more subscriptions for a new issue than are available. Applications cannot be met in full and the issue will then be shared out, typically on a pro rata basis. The issue will tend to open at a premium to represent the over-demand.

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oversubscribed UK US /ˌəʊvəsəbˈskraɪbd/ adjective
STOCK MARKET if a share issue (= occasion on which new shares are sold) is oversubscribed, people want to buy more shares than are available: 5/10/50, etc. times oversubscribed »

The initial public offering of the internet service provider has been more than 20 times oversubscribed.


The company was valued at €20.8 billion in a heavily oversubscribed flotation.

a situation in which people want to buy or have many more things, such as tickets, than are available: »

The school has an excellent reputation and is heavily oversubscribed.

oversubscription noun [C or U]

The level of oversubscription is greater than we might have expected.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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